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 Man's life, there are many unpredictable things

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PostSubject: Man's life, there are many unpredictable things   Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:34 am

"Man's life, there are many unpredictable things." Jordan said, "Some are good, while others are catastrophic."

July 26, 1993, Jordan received a call from a South Carolina police, jordan shoesshaken by the news phone Jordan - Jordan in the old was shot dead July 23

Jordan's father, James Jordan's body is in South Carolina's cuisine is found in a wood. Bodies lying on the car seat, there are bullet holes in the head and died a very miserable.Air Jordan ShoesThe cash was gone the old Michael Jordan who, wearing a finger to give the father of Jordan has championship rings stolen.</br>

Pain of death of his father Jordan is undoubtedly a heavy blow. He had spent several days locked himself in the house, do not say do not move. Media have speculated the killer was likely motive is obsessed and crazy basketball fans want

to get a championship ring, or a Michael Jordan fan to blow opponents Jordan.Discount Jordan ShoesThink of a Steffi Graf fan frenzy for the British to keep unbeaten Glasgow stabbed

Seles in the event the myth, people were more inclined to the latter speculation. These arguments make Jordan feel more painful. He felt his father's death bears some responsibility, though he could not say exactly what kind of


His father died in the Jordan to re-examine the value of a person's life. The Bulls apart from training and competition, and his room door is always followed by "Do Not Disturb" sign. Cheap Jordan ShoesIn August the funeral of the old Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, wearing black sunglasses, silent. His father was the founder, is also the source of his flesh and the spirit of one of the pillars, and even spit out his tongue

tight game habit is inherited his father. Father's sudden death made him feel the sorrow of a life is change. This kind of tragic consciousness sentiment, prompted him to re-examine their state of life now - he is now doing it with real

value.It's written by bartilozy.
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Man's life, there are many unpredictable things
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